Road Trip Sydney Great Ocean Road and Home

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Road Trip Sydney Great Ocean Road and Home

Postby Paul M1 » Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:29 pm

Hello all here is a trip report of our June 2012 trip from Sydney to Vic and back.

Well it was get up early and meet Morgo & Maggie at 6am but as always something has to hinder us and this time it was my commodore decided once my lovely partner Nay moved it into the garage that it wouldn't turn the radio off.(Don't think my car likes Nay but shhh don't tell her) So after stuffing around with that it was 6:10am and decided to just disconnect the battery and off we went.
Met up with Morgo & Maggie and we were all on our way heading down the M5 (Hume Hwy) towards Vic.
Stopped at Yass for breaky and refill the tank.
This was the 1st time i had towed a camper van(Jayco outback swan) with my 80 series and sat on 110klms and found that it was a big mistake as i chewed up a full tank of gas in only 176klms (ouch) After refilling i slowed my speed down to between 90 and 100 max and to my honest surprise my fuel consumption improved drastically and i was back to getting 350+ klms out of 1 tank (Well i have learnt my lesson now )
After leaving Yass we continued down the Hume stopping at The Dog on the tuckerbox
After a 20min stop we were on our way again to our 1st overnight stop on this trip (we didnt want to drive anymore then 4 to 5 hours max per day---kids dont really like it )
We reached Holbrook and went to Holbrook Motor village caravan park and set up
nice place for a overnight stop on the way to vic--good camp kitchen/amenities


Woke up the next morning bright and early to a lovely winter morning( everything was covered in ice)
Didnt put the bed flys up the night before and ended up with ice all over the van and bed ends. Somehow through the night i must of touched the canvas on the roof and it decided to drip right on my head( nice icy cold water)
Headed over to the camp kitchen and we cooked up bacon and eggs some toast etc.(gotta have a good breeky )
After breakfast we packed up and started on our way again leaving Holbrook around 8am and headed towards Shepparton
Stopped in at Glenrowan( Ned Kelly town) and had a good look around
After getting a few tshirts etc we continued on to Shepparton to take the kids to the SPC Kids park.
This kids park is amazing and all people involved should be commended( entry is only a gold coin donation)
Keep up the great work
Whist our partners and children were at the kids park Morgo and myself snuck off for a quick 9 holes at Shepparton golf club.
After golf w headed back to the kids park and picked everyone up and then headed off to Seymour for our next overnight stay at Goulbourn River Tourist Park.
We arived late( nothing to do with us being late back from golf ) and the weather wasnt the best but ended up finishing set up of the vans in the dark so it was just an easy fish and chips dinner.


Started out getting up early again and having breakfast and then packing up and we were on our way by 7:30am heading to Apollo Bay for our next stop.
The weather wasnt very nice but the great ocean road is a great drive anyway
Day3 still

We arrived at Apollo bay Holiday park and set up
This park has outstanding camp kitchen-amenities-games room-heated pool-kids play area etc etc
Even tho it was raining we were able to stay out of the rain and stay warm in the facilities at this park.
My Bad we didnt actually take any pics..Must of been to busy eating the roast beef and roast chicken cooked in the cast iron camp fire pots.


Well it was up early again to get the bacon and eggs cooking and have breakfast.
Then the rain stopped so it was a bit of a blessing as we packed the vans up(talk about just in time--hooked van up and down it came again), got in and started heading off to Princetown to have a look at what remained of the twelve apostles.
Very nice drive even in the rain but we did get a few sections of sunshine.

Was very nice there but it was time to head off to our next destination which was Ballarat.
It was an interesting drive to cut across to Ballarat with a wrong turn which i didnt think much of(As i was in my 4wd) as i just drove off onto the grass to give myself enough room to turn around but after i turned i looked in the rear vision mirror and seen Morgo & Maggies Hiace van sliding on the grass(i didnt laugh guys i promise) but they made it out ok( i would of pulled you out after a few photos of course ).
We arrived in Ballarat to the Welcome Stranger Big4 Caravan Park where our friends Wombat & Possum had been for about a week.
This park is oustanding with probably the best facilities i have seen ( 18 Hole putt putt course--great camp kitchen/amenities and very friendly staff---only bit i didnt like was it was a bit expensive but thats the only thing)
We set the vans up and caught up with wombat & Possum and then we all went out to dinner with Wombats Family(was a great night)


It was an early start again with the usual we all meet at the camp kitchen and let the cooking breakfast begin( must say we never went hungry)
After breakfast and cleaning up it was Morgo-Maggie-Nay-Brody-Anaya and myself off to Sovereign Hill for the day.
Sovereign Hill was amazing and i must admit Morgo and Myself were very interested in all the machinery they used in them days.
After the mine tour we walked around and checked out everything--watching shows etc that they put on
After a fun filled day we headed back to the caravan park for a couple of hours then back to Sovereign Hill again for the Light show.
Was a great show and the weather held off just long enough for us as we just got back to the car down came the rain again.
I highly recommend having a look at Sovereign Hill if you are ever in Ballarat...Take some good walking shoes tho

Back at the caravan park we had a group bbq and a few drinks and wombat ended up very drunk and you could hear him from far watching the AFL
was good fun tho


Not so early start on this day
Morgo and Maggie packed up and headed to Melbourne to visit family for the day whilst Wombat & Possum took us all around Ballarat.(Its 1 big place)
We had an early night as its a big drive to our next destination of Gol Gol(Mildura)


It was a early start and we were on the road by 7am heading to Mildura.
The convoy had grown now to 2 4wds with vans and a hiace campervan.( time for a 5hour game of spotto------That roof was red )
Was an easy drive stopping for breakfast at one of Wombat & Possums normal breakfast stops when they travel this way and now i know why( food was great)
We continued towards Mildura only stopping 1 more time to check something in the van but were we stopped was this sign about the dog fence
We arrived at Gol Gol which is just on the NSW side of the border and pulled into River Gardens Tourist Park.
Staff were very friendly with good facilities.
Camp kitchen had 2 free electric bbq's
plenty of tables,fridge,toaster etc etc
Plenty of friendly travelers and had a few good chats with other travelers.
We set the vans up and went back across the border into Mildura to top up on supplies and grab some bait for fishing.
Morgo and Myself snuck off for another game of golf just outside Mildura
That night we all gathered under Wombat & Possums awning and had Possums famous roast corned beef with veggies etc( hmmmm yumm)
Then for dessert Morgo made his famous scones in the little electric oven and bugger me they were huge.
Had 2 myself with the normal strawberry jam and whipped cream (ty ladies for whipping the cream) and then we sat around having a good chat and a few drinks.
was a good day and night.


Woke up to a nice sunny day( wow its not raining)
We cooked up breakfast
Whilst Maggie & Nay went Shopping (shopping on holidays geessshhh )
We then took the kids down to the river to give them a go at fishing (their 1st time)
Had a chat with a few other travelers in the camp kitchen and then we turned in for the night as we were off the next morning


We all got up early and packed up for our next destination which was Junee
Was a easy drive along the hay planes( talk about flat and nothing around for miles)
We arrived at Junee caravan park
Staff very friendly and helpful.
Set up the vans and time to relax after a long drive
As per usual we all gathered in the camp kitchen for dinner and chat

DAY 10

Not so early start to the day(no rush)
Cooked breakfast
Really just a lazy day as it was our last day.
Girls went into Junee to the liquorice factory whilst Wombat,Morgo and myself went into Wagga to get some caravan parts for Wombats rear lights but that was about all for the day apart from kicking the ball around with the kids.
Had a big roast dinner (beef and chicken) as it was Maggies Birthday so someone was a little merry that night (not mentioning any names miss wine maggie )
Oh and apple pie with whipped cream plus my favorite cheese cake for desert.( was a good night)

DAY 11

This was the worst day as it was time to go home and back to work yahhhhhh

Morgo, Maggie, Nay & myself packed up to head off home and thats about it for this trip report.
See ya's out and about somewhere in this beautiful country of ours

Great Trip
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Re: Road Trip Sydney Great Ocean Road and Home

Postby GypsyLady » Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:00 pm

FABULOUS you have any pics to go with it??
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