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What a great little find this park was!!! :armsup

After ringing from Echuca 30mins prior and booking two powered sites they were really friendly people. Their daughter actually walked down from the office with us to show us the two sites and where everything was. Lovely grassed sites and well cared for family owned park.
It had a games room for the kids with the old race car video game that only cost 20c a go which we LOVED and a couple of pinnies etc...
The amenities were aged but were very clean as was the laundry.
The camp kitchen had just been added by the owners recently and was A FANTASTIC SPACE :+ It was like a giant peaked roof carport with about 4 outdoor settings, two BBQs, sink, TV, stove, microwave, toaster, jug, fridge etc all under cover. We spent a lot of our time their chatting to other visitors, :cheers the owners paid us a visit each nite to chat and even the permanents came over. A real meeting point. Hats off to the owner who also is a builder for designing such a great space. My hubby wants one in our backyard now ::)
Our stay at this park was a great one. If I had to list one drawback it would be the water pressure which was quite low but they are working on it. The kids also loved all the Santa and Xmas decorations all over the park and the Xmas lights. They even had Xmas decorations under the Camp Kitchen. Great place and great people. Only a very small town but on the drive in thru the main drag we had the locals waving to us which we thought was great. Also the guys took the kids to the skate park in town to give us girls a break. Interesting fact: Tongala produces 24% of Aust milk!!!! There is the Golden Cow tourist facility which we didnt get to visit but it shows you how a dairy works, how to milk a cow and 50 flavours of milkshakes. Tongala is close Shepparton (40 mins) and Echuca (20 mins) so is a great quiet spot for anyone. We had an Irish couple behind us in their van and they and two other couples from the park went into the local pub for NYE for dinner and they also had a wig theme for the nite. Quite funny.
This will be a park I'd love to go back to in two years to see how the rest of the improvements the owners have done turned out. :?#
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I can see it on the drawing board already xmasbaby67.
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