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Camping equipment is an important part of any camping, travel or outdoor experience. The right equipment suitable for the purpose can mark or break a camping holiday. Remember camping is about being self-sufficient, about having the right tools for the job, whether you are setting up a tent, cooking and feeding a family or trekking you need to rely on equipment you have is up for the task. Camping can have its element of risk, you may not always be a few minutes from the local shops so be prepared, it may be a case of survival. Camping equipment is available in most major centers at a number of camping stores or camping shops. Some of these camping shops can specialize however much of the camping equipment you may need should be available at anything from an outdoor adventure store through to a disposal store but it is up to you to do some homework and know what you need in the way of camping equipment.

Tents come in all shapes and sizes suitable for a range of accommodation needs. There are very specialized tents for backpackers, hikers and mountain climbers who require light weight, travel friendly tents to fin in a pack to large family sized tents with multiple rooms and storage compartments. When buying a tent you do need to consider your needs in terms of size (number or persons it is required to accommodate), conditions such as weather and terrain as this will have an impact on the tent material. Transportation, storage and the tent set-up time and ease are also a consideration when buying a tent.


Camping equipment reviews are coming soon.

Currenly camping equipment reviews are available at the camping and caravan forum.

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